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Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Aylesbury

Upholstery cleaningFurniture brings the family together - we create tons of memories and rely heavily on our sofas when it comes to home comfort. Sofa tissues though tend to amass lots of contaminants including stains, beer spills, pet urine, dirt and myriads of harmful bacteria. This is when “Aylesbury Local Cleaners” Ltd. can come in handy - as a professional upholstery cleaning company in Aylesbury, we can quickly & cheaply eliminate all these pollutants and restore your upholstery pristine condition. Sofa cleaning is what we are really good at, so wait no more and hire a team of skilled upholstery cleaners right away! You can reach us at .

Why Booking Us?

With our efficient upholstery cleaning Aylesbury service you no longer have to cover up nasty stains with pillows or decorative blankets, call us over and we'll deal with your dog's mess right away, no further damage dealt with the fibers. Select us now and you'll definitely get:

  • Better conditioning
  • Fiber rejuvenation
  • Textile bleeding protection
  • Skilled & insured technicians
  • Full sanitation & deodoration
  • 24/7 customer support

With all that said, it's important to note that all detergents and techniques used in the cleaning are safe for use around pets and humans. We offer urgent & weekend appointments. No deposits required. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. Upon request, we can provide special Scotchgard treatment and quick drying solution. 

Sofa Cleaning Methods Information

Leather sofa cleaning - leather is a finicky material which requires special attention. Natural leather comes with oils and fats still lingering in it, these make it flexible and malleable enough to be shaped like a sofa. The problem arises when times takes it toll on those oils and dries the leather out, it becomes brittle and might start flaking or even worse - crack and break. To prevent this from happening we are using several moisturizes depending on the type of leather. Said moisturizes are applied on the leather and spread around with a micro fiber cloth, its left to soak in the leather for a given amount of time and the excess is removed with the cloth.

Steam cleaning - because we are aware that the world of upholstery does not begin or end with leather, we have a treatment which covers the cleaning of all other upholstery types, allowing for a thorough cleaning and stain removal on synthetic and woolen materials. For natural fibers we use dry cleaning which focuses on the same issues as the steam cleaning procedure. The sofa cleaners Aylesbury we'll send you, use a special attachment for upholstery, spreading the mixture on the sofa and extracting it at the same time. It's a fast an efficient way of removing unwanted junk from even the deepest of folds.

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Call   now and book any of our amazing upholstery cleaning, either that or use the booking form on the website. Our call center reps are available 24/7. We can quickly dispatch a team of professionally trained, fully covered and friendly technicians that will restore your upholstery's great looks, thus bringing comfort to your home. 

We accept various types of payments including debit/credit card, cash, bank transfer and cheque. You can schedule an appointment with us from Monday to Sunday, from 7 AM to 7 PM.