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Profound Rug Cleaning Aylesbury HP20

Rug cleaning in AylesburyRugs require a different approach than carpets because some are made of 100% natural fibers which do not take so kindly to water or heat and need a gentle approach. Booking a professional rug cleaning Aylesbury provider minimizes the risk of damaging the fibers. Time to bring back your rug's fresh look! Pick up the phone and dial . We can quickly dispatch a team of skilled, insured and fully vetted rug cleaners throughout all HP20 area. We require no deposits and extra fees for weekend & holiday appointments.We can also offer you a longer lasting clean effect thanks to our special treatment Scotchgard which acts as a protective coating over the fibers making all of the dirt and grime slide off.

Benefits of booking us:

  • Fine, precise cleaning job
  • Colour restoration
  • Prochem child & pet safe detergents
  • Full sanitation & deodorizing
  • 24/7 customer support

Delicate Touch For Delicate Fibers

As a professional rug cleaning company in Aylesbury, our services are well designed and usually well carried. Our high success rate is due to our long experience and knowledge of the matter. Some delicate rugs like Persian or Tabriz require special treatment. That is why we have designed specific rug cleaning techniques that will not compromise fibers' appeal & integrity. These methods also help us repair badly damaged areas of your rug. Call us now and we will efficiently take care of your: Afghan, Caucasian, Kashmir, Kilim, Kurdish, Navajo, Oriental, Pakistani, Shiraz, Tibetan & Turkmen and much more.

Rug Cleaning Techniques In Brief

Steam cleaning - this is a very powerful solution to any staining related problems because it relies on heat and high pressure as a cleaning agent, it has exceptional dirt removing capabilities. It does come at a cost, however, due to its power, it can only be used on synthetic or woolen rugs, leaving the natural ones to be cleaned by our dry cleaning solutions. The rug cleaners that work for us always start with precise inspection and preparation of the rug itself, we hoover it with a vacuum machine, then apply the mixture of detergent and steam and immediately extract with the same attachment on the same machine. The pressure is so great that it only needs a few moments to do its thing and totally obliterate any filth in its way.

Dry cleaning - follows a very simple but efficient method of applying the dry detergent, embedding it into the fibers using a fine brush, then removing it along with all of the filth found in your rug. The treatment is perfect for natural rug cleaning exactly because it does not use any moisture or water, but rather is designed to remove it from the textile, preventing damage from occurring. The detergent itself is a granulated cleaning agent which is heavy enough not to get airborne but just light enough not to leave any trace in the rug itself.

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You've come a long way if you have reached this far - you are one step closer to achieving the best condition of your rugs, just call "Aylesbury Local Cleaners" Ltd. at  and ask about the service. Use the booking form for instant access or the live chat for answers to late night questions. 

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