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Reviewed by Rene Newman on Jan 30, 2018

"Very well done job, will definitely recommend to any business who needs a deep clean. Thank you so much, Aylesbury Local Cleaners' team! :))

Reviewed by Joshua F. on May 29, 2015

Babies are a barrel of laugh, but they are also poop machines, making it inevitable to leave a mess somewhere. This time it was on my Nan's arm chair, we couldn't clean it, the smell simply wouldn't go away. Replacing the chair was out of the questions, so we were left with the option of calling Carpet Cleaning Aylesbury, so I did and the results were amazing. They got it all and left no trace behind, how fantastic!

Reviewed by Ethan K. on Mar 24, 2015

I've had it with hacks and cheater companies that only want to take your money without actually even trying to do a good job. I thought that Aylesbury Local Cleaners was the same like the others, but now 1 year later and I couldn't be happier that I found them. They've never let me down, have given me several big discounts, and have always stayed friendly and helpful.

Reviewed by Heela. S on Oct 15, 2014

A household with two dogs and you can barely keep up, especially during shedding season, no matter how much you clean, there's always something somewhere. Well I figured out that at the end of the shedding seasons, the easiest thing would be to just call them and I did. I wasn't left disappointed.

Reviewed by Gerald B. on Nov 21, 2013

Family gatherings are great, especially when most of the members are not racist. The only part I really dread after each holiday is the clean up, so I found a way that I can still enjoy family time, and not lift a finger afterwards. It's called Carpet Cleaning Aylesbury, they come and clean whatever needs cleaning and the prices aren't that high either.

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