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Effective Mattress Cleaning Aylesbury!

Mattress cleaningYou lay your head on it, sleep and dream upon it, don't allow bed bugs or dust mites to take over, make the right decision and give our professional mattress cleaners a call and we can deal with these or any other pests that might be plaguing your bed mattress or pillows. Fully bio-degradable detergents, state of the art machines and well trained personnel are our ticket to a job well done. Fill out our free online quote or directly call us at 020 3746 8234. Either way we will quickly respond to all mattress cleaning Aylesbury HP20 requests and get the job done ASAP!

Skilled Mattress Cleaners. Why Book Us?

First off, you won't have to be sleeping with bed bugs beside your head, chewing on your earlobe and leaving red marks all over your skin. Choose our professional mattress cleaning company and you'll also enjoy the full deodorization of any stains as well as their removal, while also being happy with:

  • Full mattress cleaning
  • Memory foam treatment
  • Anti-fungal protection
  • Odour-free mattress
  • Proper pest extermination

Also we'd like to proufly mention about our professional stain and blemish removal which has unprecedented success with all mattress types. Book us now and we'll also exterminate all bed bugs and smell. Your bed shall once again be a high level comfort zone!

Our Cleaning Methods

U.V Lights treatment - with us the only size that really matters is that of the colony we are exterminating. Depending on the size and spread of said colony, we will adjust the amount of exposure to the lights, meaning that a bigger colony size will necessitate longer exposure. U.V lights like the ones we are using are often located in laboratories and hospitals as a way to sterilize whole rooms and equipment without resorting to chemicals. The lights emitted from these bulbs resonate at a different frequency, making it possible to pass through all mattress layers without damaging anything other than the pests and bacteria themselves.

Steam cleaning - falls in the support category, though it often has applications as proper stain removal. Mattresses more often than not need regular cleaning and its with this procedure that we manage to remove any dead skin cells or human hair accumulations while also preventing bacterial and fungal spreading. It also has application as bed bug removal, though its often used as a follow up procedure to the U.V lights treatment. "Aylesbury Local Cleaners" Ltd. uses a narrow nozzle to spray the affected areas while simultaneously extracting all of the gunk from the inside. It leaves no trace aside from a fresh, clean smell and a small doze of moisture which is dissipated over 2 hours.

Book Our Mattress Cleaning Aylesbury Team Today!

Its pretty straight forward really, just pick up your phone call dial 020 3746 8234. There a dedicated team of customer reps will do their best to schedule a comfortable for you time slot, inform you on the different deals we have, and also give you info on the different treatments we have. The mattress cleaners we work with cover the entire Aylesbury HP20 area. Order mattress cleaning from us now and restore your sleeping comfort. 

You can book a cleaning session every day from Monday til Sunday, starting at 07:00 up until 19:00 o'clock. You can pay us by: cash, debit/credit card (all except American Express), bank transfer and cheque.