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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We'd appreciate a parking spot close to your lot, and that heavy furniture be moved before we have arrived.

A: Yes, everything we use is bio-degradable and adheres to standards as set by REACH and the UK and EU parliaments.

A: You may do as you wish, however, we do advise that you use professional help (preferably ours) for the treatment of upholstery. Soap stains are quite common and prevalent in DIY jobs, so refrain for going rogue.

A: We've made sure that everything is safe and that it leaves no chemical or toxic trace behind itself, so its safe to say "No, they will be perfectly fine".

A: Submit a booking form, or use our 24/7 customer help desk phone number 020 3746 8234 or even the live chat on the bottom right of the screen.

A: Curtains and textile materials often come with a label detailing their exact composition, if you are unable to identity it yourself, we can do it for you when we come to clean it.

A: We work with all credit card providers, bank checks and cashier's checks are also a goof way to pay us, but the most prevalent one seems to be either bank transfers for larger orders or by hand payments. Either way we support them all, so choose whatever suits you best.

A: Yes we can, call our number and we can give you a tip or two.